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iShine Nº3 1.000 ml


New product

Rubbing Compound Finesse

Due to its highly complex slip agents, Nº3 compound revitalizes deep color in paints and gel coats to achieve a wet look shine, before applying the protective coating:

  • excellent on new and almost new surfaces
  • erases swirl marks after a heavy or medium cutting process
  • apply only on lo revolution

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When applying our treatments iShine Nº3 rubbing compound is the most used. We use it to start almost any treatment. 

The advantage of Nº3 is that it provides a super fine cutting, offers a great shine and do not leave any swirl marks. Please note, always use Nº3 at super low speed with our black (ultra-soft) pad. 

Nº3 works very well on new and/or almost new finishes, try it on aged finishes too, and if you get a great result it will help you in not having to proceed with the other more aggressive steps and save a lot of time. 

Nº3 is very oily so keep in mind to always clean off the residues with a wet rag xxx vinager and use detergent washing down the whole top sides before applying Nº4, Nº5 and iFlash. 

Application Techniques

Work in areas of approximatly 1m2 at a time.

Use polisher on low revolutions, with slow arm movements and light pressure, moving side to side across area and back in opposite direction.

Repeat least 2/3 times per application.Dry and remove excess compounds with a microfibre cloth.