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iShine Nº4 1.000 ml


New product

Protective Coating Polymer Sealant

Dynamic multi-purpose Polymer Sealant preserves surfaces against contamination, environmental elements and oxidation:

  • use on paints and gel coats
  • to restore the pigmentation (on a molecular level) and for erasing swirl marks within the surface
  • also excellent to restore stainless steel & precious metals,glass & windows,varnishes,tenders,tyres and fenders

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Our most versatile product is easy to apply by hand or machine. 

 On off product polymer is what handles pigmentation in paint so applying Nº4 to any lacquer, varnish or paint, gel coat plastics 

(non-porous) you will get an instant result. 

On yachts we apply Nº4 with orbital machines and we dry it off with micro fibre rag. 

Nº4 is used by customers on so many surfaces such as on leather, on cars to remove micro scratches, paint from other car stuck on you own paint and even on tree resin stuck on your car paint. Just apply a drop of Nº4 on a rag and start to polish in little motions and without scratching your paint Nº4 will restore your finish. 

N4 is very good to polish glass, sunglasses, kitchen furnitures, plastic sun beds, almost any surface made of plastic but not on dark porous plastics. 

Nº4 diminishes swirl marks appearance and faded colours will become as new recovering the original colour and lustre. 

Please do not apply iFlash directly on top of Nº4, the best way to do it is Nº4, Nº5 and then iFlash. 

Application Techniques

Work in areas of approximatly 1m2 at a time.

Use polisher on low revolutions, with slow arm movements and light pressure, moving side to side across area and back in opposite direction.

Repeat least 2/3 times per application.Dry and remove excess compounds with a microfibre cloth.