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iShine Nº2 1.000 ml


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Rubbing Compound Medium

The most versatile compound within the iShine range:

  • restores all typer of paint and gel coat
  • highly recommended for semi-old and lightly scratched surfaces

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We recommend that the easiest and fastest way to polish and protect at the same time is to mix directly on your pad Nº2 & Nº4 with our White pad on very low revolution with slow arm movements and light pressure, moving side to side across the area and back in opposite direction. 

 Step 2 is using an orbital machine using our black pad apply iShine Nº4 in a criss-cross motion. Then dry it. 

 If you still notice some swirl marks then it means that you still have to apply Nº3 with our Black Pad to erase swirl marks to reach perfection. Then apply Nº4 and Nº5 and iFlash it’s up to you, for a strong and durable protective finish. 

 Nº2 is super good for polishing and restoring stainless steel, crystal, windows, paint, lacquers, varnishes and gel coats. Nº2 is usually applied with a white pad. 

 If you have to polish only with Nº2 because Nº2 and Nº4 together didn’t work well, you might have to apply Nº2 and clean some swirl marks after. To get read off these swirl marks then apply Nº3 with our black pad at a very low speed. Then apply Nº4 and Nº5 and iFlash it’s up to you, for strong and durable protective finish. 

Application Techniques

Work in areas of approximatly 1m2 at a time.

Use polisher on low revolutions, with slow arm movements and light pressure, moving side to side across area and back in opposite direction.

Repeat least 2/3 times per application.Dry and remove excess compounds with a microfibre cloth.